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Egoist LE

This is a new limited series of the popular spinning rods Egoist LE which raises the bar of rod building to a higher level. The blank is marked with Extra-Fast action in contrast to its namesake with marking “X”, which had Fast Action blanks. New series rods are fitted with FUJI SIC guides with Tangle Free frames. Guides are placed in accordance with modern K-Guide System concept. For this series producers have used a new type of FUJI reel seat which has absolutely the best sensitivity. Due to use of modern materials and high-quality rod components this series combines excellent casting performance and high sensitivity. Perfect balance and elaborate design of this model help an angler to make very accurate casting, recognize all bottom details and enjoy retrieving.
From: 224.59

Manic Casting

This is an Ex-Fast Action casting rod to be the perfect match with multiplier reels. Specially designed for twitching but also can be used for fishing in snags, underwater vegetation and jig fishing. Thanks to Ex-Fast Action blank, spinning rod has an incredible margin of power necessary when fighting with a fish on forced retrieve, fishing in snags and in other difficult situations. Blank is made from high modulus HME carbon, equipped with warm reel seat featuring Super Sensitive System technology. Manic Casting rods are fitted with SIC guides with Tangle Free frames helping to prevent any line tangles. Guides are placed in accordance with modern K-Guide System concept. Ideal balance and elaborate design of this model help an angler to make very accurate casting, recognize all bottom details and feel confident while retrieving any fish regardless of its size.
From: 169.79

Ranger Rock Fish

This is a series of Ex-Fast spinning rods for fishing with small jigging lures of UltraLight range. Super sensitive solid tip will feel even the most careful bite and provide an accurate cast of your favorite mini lure. The tip is painted white for better visual control of retrieve. The blank is made of high modulus HME carbon and equipped with FUJI Alconite guides placed in accordance with KR-Guide Concept. Special guides of Mini Guide System absorb the impact on the blank and increase its sensitivity. A comfortable split handle improves rod balance and the real seat with Super Sensitive System option makes it more informative. Ranger is a wonderful rod for those who prefer a graceful fishing style with ultralight jigs, micro spoons or spinners.
From: 194.09


Pulse is a rockfish spinning rod designed for catching on medium and short distances using micro-baits requiring precise animation. In the spinning of this series, a number of unique technologies were tested and applied: Super Sensitive System2, new rings T-Zirconia Slim Ring, Stiff High Modulus Graphite Thin Solid Tip.
From: 267.99


Our great twitching rod got a new design. The changes mainly affected the ergonomics of the handle; our engineers modified it to have a more complete look. The Marauder-X Twitching rod was specially designed for jerking retrieve technique and every detail was thoroughly developed: ultra-light, Ex-Fast action blank, made of high modulus HMN + HME graphite (40 + 46T combination). The butt section reinforced with special carbon fibers to increase rigidity and resistance to twisting. FUJI guides with Alconite inserts, placed in accordance with modern KR-Guide Concept. Only when all the above components were combined we were able to build an ideal rod for twitching. This rod will allow anglers to feel every movement of a lure, it will work precisely and the tip will not “fall through” when using an aggressive twitching technique.
From: 196.99


This is a series of Ex-Fast Action rods, specially designed for jig fishing. All the elements were created to achieve maximum sensitivity, when animating jig baits, effective “reading” of the bottom features and detecting of fish bites. The blank is made of high-modulus HME carbon reinforced by using special technology (Xwxw) to increase strength and torsion resistance. Gravity rods come with ultralight and durable T-Zirconia Slim Guides with ultrafine innovative Zirconium ring inserts. Effective modern guides in combination with the ergonomic "skeletal" TVS reel seat provide excellent sensitivity, comfortable and reliable grip. The ergonomic split-grip handle reduces overall weight of the rod but increases its sensitivity and improves balance. Elastic tip (SST technology) provides maximum responsiveness, when fishing with lures of any casting weight, whereas powerful butt section gives an angler more confidence when fighting a big fish.
From: 117.89

Egoist X


Legend X

Legend spinning rods were restyled in the second half of 2013 and are now produced using index X. This is a series of multipurpose rods with superior performance characteristics. Legend-X is a high-quality rod with excellent sensitivity and superb casting performance at a very competitive price. The blank is made of high modulus IMSE carbon fitted with South Korean SIC guides with Tangle Free frame, ergonomic cork handle and reliable “warm” reel seat featuring Super Sensitive System. Due to its durability, LEGEND-X rod will give confidence either to beginners or experts.
From: 91.10

Legend Ultras

The new Legend Ultras series by Maximus will please all fans of fishing with ultralight gear. All rods in this series have very sensitive tips and Fast action blanks to guarantee excellent feedback and casting accuracy. The blanks are made from high modulus IMSE carbon and fitted with ultralight AT-GUIDES, placed in accordance with K-Guide System concept. The split handle helps to reduce overall weight of the rod, at the same time increases its sensitivity and improves balance. Ergonomic handle, Warm Reel Seat with carbon resonator (Super Sensitive System) which provides greater sensitivity “in hand”, together with Fast action blank – all these features make Legend Ultras rod extremely popular among all anglers.
From: 101.59