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Raptor X PRO

The updated Raptor-X is a modern multipurpose rod with an excellent combination of light weight, good sensitivity and ultimate power. All the modern technologies, the most advanced materials and components available today have been applied to the new Raptor-X. Its blank is made of NANO fibers and has a Sandwich construction - a combination of several high modulus carbon fiber materials in one blank. With the help of multiple layers, we managed to reinforce the middle and the butt sections without increasing the diameter of the blank.
From: 331.99


Pulse is a rockfish spinning rod designed for catching on medium and short distances using micro-baits requiring precise animation. In the spinning of this series, a number of unique technologies were tested and applied: Super Sensitive System2, new rings T-Zirconia Slim Ring, Stiff High Modulus Graphite Thin Solid Tip.
From: 267.99

Legend Ultras

The new Legend Ultras series by Maximus will please all fans of fishing with ultralight gear. All rods in this series have very sensitive tips and Fast action blanks to guarantee excellent feedback and casting accuracy. The blanks are made from high modulus IMSE carbon and fitted with ultralight AT-GUIDES, placed in accordance with K-Guide System concept. The split handle helps to reduce overall weight of the rod, at the same time increases its sensitivity and improves balance. Ergonomic handle, Warm Reel Seat with carbon resonator (Super Sensitive System) which provides greater sensitivity “in hand”, together with Fast action blank – all these features make Legend Ultras rod extremely popular among all anglers.
From: 100.79

Smuggler Travel

This is a great choice for those who need a compact hi-tech spinning rod for travelling. It is sometimes expensive and not comfortable to travel by plane or train with an additional baggage piece. So we have launched a fully-featured compact spinning rod with put-over connection. It is based on the very popular blank of High Energy-X series produced in accordance with the Travel concept in 4 sections. New series rods have SIC guides with Tangle Free frames helping to prevent any line tangles. Guides are placed in accordance with ultra-modern K-Guide System concept. Handle is made from durable fine-pored EVA. Smuggler rods are equipped with the most comfortable “warm” reel seat. Due to use of modern materials and high-quality rod components this series combines excellent casting performance, high sensitivity, a large amount of power and what is more important – incredibly compact transport length!
From: 139.59

Marauder Casting

This is a series of casting rods especially designed for those, whose favourite fishing style is twitching. We have paid great attention to every detail: ultra-light weight, Extra-Fast action, high modulus HMN+HME carbon (40T+46T combination), fantastic accessories, FUJI Mini Guide System. Only when all the above components are combined in one blank we can get an ideal rod for twitching. In this case we will feel every movement of a lure, the rod will play correctly and the tip will not “fall through” when using aggressive manner of twitching. On this series Tangle Free frames are used together with lightweight FUJI Alconite KR-Concept guides. Marauder spinning rods feature superb casting performance and ideal for quick retrieve when fish needs to be taken out from water immediately, so that not to give it any chance to dive under a snag or hide in vegetation.
From: 218.79

Neon Midori

This is a series of hi-tech spinning rods specially designed for the most effective trout fishing. It consists of four models: Neon Midori Area Edition 602XUL (test: up to 4 g) suitable for pond trout and classified as “Area Fishing”; Neon Midori Stream Edition 622SUL (test: up to 5g), 662UL and 702UL (test: up to 6g) suitable for fishing in rapid mountain streams, small medium-fast running rivers and brooks. All Midori rods are perfect for delicate fishing style requiring “animation” of plastic lures, lightweight jigs, micro spoons or wire rigs. Midori blanks feature medium-fast action, slightly more stiffness compared with classic Area and Stream rods and the shortest damping period (that is how rapidly a rod will damp out vibrations).
From: 204.69

Egoist X



This is an Ex-Fast action spinning rod specially designed for twitching but also can be used for fishing in snags or underwater vegetation and jig fishing. Thanks to Ex-Fast Action blank, spinning rod has an incredible margin of power necessary when fighting with a fish on forced retrieve, fishing in snags and in other difficult situations. Blank is made from high modulus HME carbon, equipped with “warm reel” seat featuring Super Sensitive System technology. Manic rods are fitted with SIC guides with Tangle Free frames helping to prevent any line tangles. Guides are placed in accordance with modern K-Guide System concept. Ideal balance and elaborate design of this model help an angler to make very accurate casting, recognize all bottom details and feel confident while retrieving any fish regardless of its size.
From: 151.79

Legend X

Legend spinning rods were restyled in the second half of 2013 and are now produced using index X. This is a series of multipurpose rods with superior performance characteristics. Legend-X is a high-quality rod with excellent sensitivity and superb casting performance at a very competitive price. The blank is made of high modulus IMSE carbon fitted with South Korean SIC guides with Tangle Free frame, ergonomic cork handle and reliable “warm” reel seat featuring Super Sensitive System. Due to its durability, LEGEND-X rod will give confidence either to beginners or experts.
From: 91.10